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A: In very simple terms the Radi-Chip is an ultra-thin sticker that attaches to the back of your smartphone, which includes both microwave-absorbing material and radio frequency coupler technology. The former absorbs radiation from the antenna of your smartphone, while the latter disperses that radiation through the back of the phone and away from your head or body. The result is that your radiation exposure is reduced by up to 95%*. The Radi-Chip may not look like much, but this ground-breaking little superstar works to reduce exposure to your brain and other important bits, with virtually no impact on your phone’s transmission signal.

A: The Radi-Chip is the only mobile radiation reduction product in Australia that’s scientifically proven to reduce your exposure to smartphone electromagnetic fields (by up to 95%*). Not only that, most Radi-Chip models have been independently tested by the NATA accredited EMC Technologies laboratory (and other worldwide laboratories) located in Melbourne, so you’ll know how effective the product for your particular phone is.

A: Electromagnetic radiation, or EMR, is emitted from many of the devices we use today to transmit information. Mobile phones and tablets use the range of 450–2100 MHz. These radiation frequencies can potentially affect our immune and nervous systems and cause a reduction in sperm count and quality, amongst other things.

Your exposure to this radiation can be minimised by putting distance between you and your phone, but this isn’t always practical. Applying a Radi-Chip to the back of your phone diverts a substantial amount of this radiation away from your head and body.

A: Unlike other products on the market, Radi-Chips are independently tested for their effectiveness and found to have virtually no impact on your signal transmission. 

A: Every mobile phone device is designed with different specifications, so we’ve developed different Radi-Chips for the most popular phone models to minimise your radiation exposure with virtually no impact on the transmission signal. You’ll need to select the right Radi-Chip for your particular device, which can be seen over on our Radi-Chip product page. If you are unsure which Radi-Chip to select for your model of phone please e-mail us an we’ll be happy to assist.

A: Radi-Chips are available for iPads (both Cellular & Wi-Fi) but not for Tablets.

A: The Radi-Chip is super simple to apply. The hi-tech sticker simply sticks onto the back of your device, and at only 0.35mm thin most protective cases fit easily over it. You’ll receive instructions for the correct placement along with your Radi-Chip.

A: The Radi-Chip is incredibly thin at just 0.35mm in thickness. Most phone and device cases will fit over this, so you can change your style as often as you change your socks. Stick the Radi-Chip on, put your case over the top and get on with life knowing you’re reducing your radiation exposure.

A: Radi-Chips are designed to work for the lifetime of your phone. Providing you take reasonable care of your phone, you can expect several years of effective use.

A: As each Radi-Chip is designed for the device’s unique specifications, you’ll need to upgrade your Radi-Chip when you upgrade your phone. If you pass your old phone onto someone in your family you can leave the Radi-Chip on, knowing that their exposure to mobile phone radiation is minimised.

A: Basically you should treat your Radi-Chip as you would your phone or device – after all, it is attached to it! We recommend treating it like any electronic device and not exposing the Radi-Chip to moisture or leaving it in the sun, as this could damage its technology.

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