About Us

Cellsafe is a small Australian based and Australian owned company which specialises in development & manufacturing of products to reduce radiation from mobile phones.

Using his skills as an electronic engineer, Cellsafe’s founder began to explore what had always been a passion and that was mobile phone communications. More specifically, exposure to radiation from mobile phones and the way in which this technology is taking over our lives and is now so freely available to our children.

He began to experiment with various materials and technologies and finally the first Cellsafe case designed for the iPhone 4 was ready for testing. Many further modifications followed and ‘tweaking’ of the design until the final product was produced and laboratory testing found it to reduce SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) by up to 74.2% or 93.25% below the various safety limits with minimal effect on the mobile phone signal.

Cellsafe was revealed on Today Tonight back in May 2011 and the response to our first product was overwhelming. Since then we have expanded the range of cases to suit the most popular models of phones as well as moving into iPads. As it was just not possible to produce cases with our technology to suit everyone’s personal tastes, we knew there had to be a way to offer the mobile phone user protection from the potentially harmful effects from SAR while still allowing them to be fashion conscious.

Several years were then spent researching and developing a breakthrough new product, the Radi-Chip. The Radi-Chip is small enough to fit inside any mobile phone fashion case (or may be used on the phone without a case fitted on top) and comes in several versions. We have models available for most Smart Phones as well as iPads. This revolutionary product hit the shelves towards the latter part of 2014 and has been a huge success for us.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Cellsafe and will continue to dedicate ourselves to the development of revolutionary new products to reduce mobile phone & iPad radiation.