Here are a few testimonials from our happy customers.

Big fan of the product – I used to get headaches and feel sick after being on my phone too long each day – doesn’t seem to happen any more.



I would like to say without a doubt you have a superb product. I have previously purchased the cellsafe case for iphone4. I carry my phone in left pocket all the time at work, 5-6 days/week for last10+ years. Most recent being iphone4. I would notibly get twitches in left thigh (where phone is) with/without phone there, if not have phone on me aprox 2-3days could still get twitches. Within short time (few days-week) since installing the cellsafe not one twitch!! (2years now) Awsome product guys!




I guess I am sensitive to the radiation, that’s why I get headaches. I have been using iPhone 4 Cellsafe case and it has helped me with headaches after talking on iPhone for over a few minutes.



I am really happy with it.

I feel much better when I talk on the phone (especially long), using these and I even ordered the Cell-safe case, for my gf too.

Thanks for the great service.

Kind Regards,


“Thank you so much, you guys have been great and I have recommended your product to many family & friends. And your service is so prompt. 🙂

Dear Wayne,

Thank you for your email. It is very reassuring to deal with your Company which gives excellent service to its customers. I can’t thank you and Nicole enough for all the assistance I’ve been given. . Again, many thanks for your wonderful assistance. Kind regards,


hi i purchased 2 of your cases one for the 4s and one for the galaxy 2,my son and i are very happy with the cases they fit the phones really nice and we have noticed our phones dont get hot when we use them. ..thank you extremely happy customer.

Keith & Jean

Thank you very much.. The case is fantastic. I have noticed a improve of my signal and I can feel the heat building up on the back of the phone. It’s quite scary to see all of the radiation being redirected. Thank you for your help.



This is just a quick note to say thanks very much for your fantastic service. I ordered your product online yesterday morning at 11am. You advised you’d sent it by 3:15 yesterday afternoon and it arrived in my Brisbane letter box this afternoon. You just can’t do any better than that!

Thanks again,


My amazing cellsafe iPhone cover – not only does it help reduce radiation from the phone but stuck to the roof of my car for about 5k last night around twists turns roundabouts and a stop before being found safe and sound at my destination. Amazing! very happy I still have it.


Hi, I just received the cellsafe case and the radiation free bluetooth airtube headset today. The Cellsafe case is great, love it.


Hi Nicole, That was the quickest response I have ever had from any organisation!!! Thank you again.


Hello, I recently bought a phone pocket case, I’m now using it and finding it great and giving me peace of mind.


Thanks for your great service and fast response.


The service was great.


I am so happy someone came up with this great concept.


Congratulations to the inventor and I do hope that he does well. I will be sending the link to your website to everyone I know, in support of your product, and will request that it is sent on. I will also posts it on my facebook page.